Re-convert returns into revenue

One of your absolute best conversion windows is your most under-developed.

How does re-conversion work? 

Many consumers who make a return do so because the item they received did not meet their need or expectation.

Returnado implements a digital returns service in your webshop allowing your consumers to register their return online. Based on Returnado technology the customer can get suggestions on other items they can buy with their exchange value, the customer is also free to freely search for other products to re-convert to.

Returnado handles everything from discounts and currencies to stock balances, we register the transaction and places a new order in your webshop. The customer doesn’t have to pull out his credit card, no external payment manager takes any fee and the  returns experience puts the customer at the center.

In short, we help your customers find a new product they can buy for their return value which better meets their needs and wishes.

Good customer care and new revenue for you as an online merchant.

What results can you expect?

Results depend on several factors, what market the conversion is performed, which incentives you set in Returnado, customer loyalty, how seasonally dependent your catalouge is, etc.

However, we see re-conversion rates (number of conversions in relation to returns) of between 20-40%, where we see great potential to further increase the conversion rate.

Kostnader och prismodell?

Returnado charges based on result and since we handle the transaction and the conversion, you don’t have to pay any fee to your payment provider.

How do we get started?

Contact us for a demo and analysis of your current returns process and we’ll present a proposal. We then handle everything connected to the technical implementation, advise you on best practices in returns management and train everyone who will work in or with Returnado.

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See all offerings