A world-class customer experience

Our customers are our focus, which means we help to create a world-class returns experience with the right solutions for processing your returns.

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A smooth returns experience 

Returnado offers solutions for the entire returns process. We handle everything from the consumer flow when you communicate with the consumer regarding returns, exchanges or complaints; to administration, inventory management, logistics and analysis.

A personalised consumer flow makes a bigger difference than you might think. Making sure the customer feels recognised is crucial for re-conversion. 

What is the most practical solution for the customer? Refine the returns process with quick and easy returns … Returnado offers an intuitive interface where the customer registers their return with the touch of a button. The processing time for each return can be reduced by up to 15 minutes, which increases profitability and customer satisfaction.

…and let the customer follow their return in real-time! All customers can follow their return status in Returnado, which increases transparency. The customer can see where their return is, if it has been received and handled, and any other relevant activity.

Royal Design have generated a 29% re-conversion rate by offering the customer the option to return their purchase.


How do exchanges and re-conversion work?

Create new revenue streams and reduce lost revenue with Returnado’s service for exchanges and returns of faulty items. Re-conversion powers the customer experience which is your biggest asset. 

When the customer wants to exchange their product, you can offer to exchange it for a different size or colour, or suggest an alternative product. Or why not offer a voucher that the customer can use on another occasion? 

Our partners are the largest delivery companies so we can offer our clients a range of return options. What’s important for your customers? To have the return collected from their door? Leave it at a service point? Do your customers want to print out a QR code for the return? We’ve got it covered!


Fast, unbeatable refunds

You know it – a fast refund really boosts the most important thing you can offer: the customer experience. That’s why it’s important that your returns process lives up to that. 

Super fast refunds. The refund is triggered automatically when the return is registered and approved by Returnado. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. 


Run your organisation from one system

Unify all your departments into the same system. From the stockroom to customer service to management. That way, no information can fall through the cracks and you can easily create an effective work flow for the entire organisation.

New addition to the team? Get started immediately! Returnado’s interface is created with our customers in mind, so it’s intuitive and easy to work with. New additions to the team just need a short introduction to get started and with tailored authorisation settings, they only see the relevant information.

Don’t worry about integrations! Returnado is built using open APIs, and can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms and solutions. The number of integrating partners is constantly growing. Contact us for more information about integrations.

RoyalDesign reduced their customer service staffing costs by 31%.


Tailored to your brand

It’s hard to beat the feeling of everything belonging together when it comes to customer dialogue. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong brand.

We tailor the customer flow by adapting the design. We choose the right font, colours and flow so the customer doesn’t feel like they’re leaving your platform.


Return processing in 5 (!) seconds 

The 2020 winner of Returnado’s unofficial Return-Swedish championships processed three returns in 17.01 seconds – with no earlier experience of the system. We think it could be done even faster! 

No paper. Paper return slips are obsolete. All you need to do is scan the item, check it, and the job is done!  

Full control of your stockroom. Returnado helps you check which products you have in stock and which products have just been returned. 


More automation = more time
for (other) important things 

More automation = less administration = more company resources to improve other parts of the process and make them more efficient.  

A manual return takes around 20 minutes from start to finish – and needs to be handled by more than one department.  If you automate the entire process, you can cut the return processing time down to 5-10 seconds. How many returns could you do in 20 minutes? (Hint: a lot. At least 120).

The return triggers the refund. When a return is registered in Returnado the refund is automatically triggered. The refund happens automatically when the return is approved. Easy! Stockroom processing of returns and refunds are updated automatically.

New delivery labels are created and sent automatically via email so your customers can easily return their purchases.


Decision making with relevant data

Successful processing of returns is based on data-informed decisions – not intuition. 

Important insights in the blink of an eye. Find out almost anything about your returns with the touch of a button.  

Identify return trends and factors. Has the same jumper been returned 10 times? There could be a range of factors causing this, but with the right data, you can find out exactly the information you need for effective decision making.  

Read more about Returnado Analytics here