Give Products New Life in a Circular E-Commerce

Rescue is a sustainability module that promotes circular consumption and reduces consumers' climate impact.

Reduce your
climate impact

Actively work
with sustainability

Reuse parts/fabrics
in new products

What is Returnado Rescue?

Rescue supports and allows your customers to be part of your sustainability initiatives.

Rescue helps you to:
Work actively with sustainability
Accept responsibility for recycling and reuse
Extend the life of garments and products

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ASKET Revival

Powered by Returnado Rescue

Returnado Rescue is co-developed together with ASKET, the leading sustainability brand known for its commitment to curbing over-consumption.

Jakob Dworsky, co-founder of ASKET says: “Since launching, our philosophy has always been to create clothes that stand the test of time ensuring they are worn and used more, but now 6 years in, we learned that some of our customers are done with their pieces. Having already entrusted Returnado with our returns process, we believed that they would be the perfect partner to help us take the process a step further and claim responsibility for our garments at the end of their useful life.”

Go to ASKET’s Revival Program →



Rescue Contributes to Increased Sustainability

  • Prevents contaminants caused by the need for new raw materials, the manufacture of new materials, and transportation
  • Saves energy, money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces the amount of waste that must be recycled or incinerated.
  • Allows products that were once loved to be used to their full extent over several lifetimes



How does Returnado Rescue work?

The idea behind Returnado Rescue is simple: to make it valuable for consumers to choose sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives.

Returnado Rescue’s flow works in the same way as the returns flow in Consumer:
  1. The customer logs in with social media account, email, or order number.
  2. In the order history, the customer selects the product they wish to Rescue.
  3. When the product is selected, the store credit compensation value is displayed.
  4. The item(s) is sent back by the customer.
  5. The store credit value can be used to buy a new product from the webshop.
  6. The product that is being sent back is then repaired, recycled, or resold to a new, happy customer and has come full circle.

Rescue integrates seamlessly with Returnado’s other modules.

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