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items purchased by customers are returned


of customer service work time is spent on returns processing

+ £20

the cost of processing one return


Returnado Consumer

Our customer dialogue is tailored to create a simple personalised return flow for our customers.

Through Returnado's unique concept "reverse eCommerce", the customer identifies the order with a simple click and can choose to return, exchange or submit a complaint regarding an item.

Eliminate manual paper work! Invest the time you save to improve the customer experience after purchase, and get all the returns process information in real time.

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computer showing returnado consumer

Returnado Admin

Admin is the interface for shoppers to take care of their returns, exchanges and returning damaged products.

Admin is the hub of Returnado that enables automation of processes and smart return flows. Regardless of market, language, currency or technical platform, you can solve everything in one and the same interface.

Has the customer lost their shipping label? We will solve that!
Do you need to trigger a refund? We will solve that!
Does the customer need help to make a return? We will solve that!

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Returnado Analytics

Our data helps you understand trends and work proactively towards a better customer experience and fewer returns.

How does each market, product, act?
Why does the customer return?

With clear visualisation of the data, you can work with quality improvement and time savings - while you can proactively focus on reducing the return rate and get even more and more satisfied customers.

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Returnado Logistics

Logistics is a simple tool that simplifies warehouse processing of returns. It’s a product designed for users, by users.

With Returnado Logistics, you track return shipping in real time for each individual return. Smart dashboards help you see how many products are on the go, being or have been handled, flagged, etc. in real time.

How it works? In a few seconds, you scan the shipping label, check the item and approve or deny the return that appears on the screen. We take care of the rest!

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Returnado Rescue

Rescue is a sustainability module that promotes circular consumption and reduces consumers' climate impact.

Allow and support your customers to be part of your sustainability initiatives.

By letting consumers return items they have once loved, for recycling, reuse and reselling, you create a circular e-commerce and reduce the overall climate impact.

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