About Returnado

Returnado is a Swedish startup with a global focus that, since 2016, has been working to ensure a unique and optimised return management process for e-retailers and consumers.


At Returnado we speak 12 languages, and originates from 5 countries


Returnado is used in over 70+ countries globally


Returnado integrates with more than 20+ systems worldwide

A complete e-commerce journey since 2016

Since 2016, we have taken care of the most hated part of online shopping – the return – and turned it into something consumers love. We simplify the e-tailer’s everyday life with easy-to-use, powerful tools that cover all parts of the returns management process. The concept is easy to understand, but handling transactions in over 100 markets for industry-leading brands requires solid technology and a great team.

Returnado came to life out of the realisation that up to half of purchased products are returned and that this part of the e-commerce journey has not received much attention. What is obvious today, was not back then.

Insights that stood out suggested that the returns process was an important part of the e-commerce journey. Giving customers a smooth experience, helping them exchange products for something they actually want, secured previously lost income. Automating this process is a valuable service, not only for preserving retailers’ profits – but also for the environment.

Today, Returnado users re-convert more than 30% of all purchases through exchanges, and eliminate 90% of the time spent per return is through automation. 

Meet the Tornadoes

Haider Abdo CEO Returnado
Haider Abdo
CEO & Founder
Andrei Petrenko CTO Returnado
Andrei Petrenko
Philipp Goldberg
Fia Jonsson Marketing Manager Returnado
Fia Jonsson
Marketing Manager
Andrii Serhiienko
Sales Manager
Sirwan Hosseini Sales Manager Returnado
Sirwan Hosseini
Sales Manager
Andre Moazed Developer Returnado
Andre Moazed
Junior Software Engineer



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