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We help you digitize your returns process and automate your internal processes and accounting.

Quick onboarding and we'll ensure a smooth implementation.

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Why digitize the return?

The most common way of handling a return today is to follow the same process as online merchants established in the cradle of e-commerce in the late 90s. A manual process, with black and white paper forms, logistics jargon and a number of ineffective manual steps which in many cases lead to another customer service case.

Just as all other aspects of e-commerce have been digitized, streamlined and consumer-adapted, there is much to be gained from doing the same with your return process.

With our basic module, we adapt our consumer interface according to your brand, set up your market-specific rule tree and offer your consumers an unbeatable return process while we digitize your return management and, if necessary, automate your administration and accounting.

Your customers don’t need to register, remember a password or order number and they will register their return in your own webshop. No app, no mess.

We onboard and implement everything from our end and ensure that everything flows as it should.

Digital shipping labels?

We can both generate shipping labels and send them out through email or physical mail. You can also choose to send out a physical shipping label in the sales order if you prefer. We’re conducting a pilot for our logistics module. If you’re interested in our new logistics product and want to be included in the pilot, send us a message!

Re-conversion, that sounds exciting, can we do that as well? 


What results should we expect?

Our own data show that customers can save over 50% of the handling time and just as much in customer service time depending on your current processes and the type of implementation that we do.

How do we get started?

Contact us for a demo and analysis of your current returns process and we’ll present a proposal. We then handle everything connected to the technical implementation, advise you on best practices in returns management and train everyone who will work in or with Returnado.


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See all offerings