From return
to revenue

Turn your return into your competitive edge. Re-convert your returns into new revenue, halve the administration and offer your consumers a returns experience that's unbeatable.

How much will you make with Returnado?

Returnado helps your customers buy new products with their return value and automates your returns management.

15000 returns

0 in new revenue
0 hours saved


of all your returns can be re-converted into new revenue

8–16 USD

is lost per returned item. Not including packaging, shipping, wear on goods, lost revenue etc.


of all customer service tickets are spent on returns and can instead be automated

Turn the return into your competitive edge

Treat your customers to an after purchase experience that matches their shopping experience. We help you offer your customers the best possible consumer experience while increasing your revenue and drastically reducing your costs.
No registration, no app, no fixed fees.

Customer centric

Your return doesn't have to be an expensive and subpar consumer experience. Instead offer a return that is as positive and customer centric as the buying experience.


Many who do returns feel that the item doesn't meet their need & expectation. We help your customer find a new item and generate new revenue to you.


No more unnecessary paper forms, stop guessing based on bad data. We digitize and automate your entire return process.

We are forward-leaning in our work to digitize our business - returns in e-commerce are a key issue and Returnado's solution is the most efficient on the market

Magnus Håkansson

President and Group CEO, RNB Retail and Brands

Turn your returns into new revenue

Offer your customers a personalized return experience that is as smooth and customer friendly as doing a purchase. The entire flow is digitized and Returnado's unique concept "Reverse eCommerce" helps customers find new products they can buy for their return value.

Returnado helps your customer register their return, find suitable replacement items, choose shipping alternative and receive status notifications on their return.

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Digitize & automate

A poorly managed return leads to lower profitability, decreased customer loyalty and damages the brand. We help you digitize and automate your return process regardless of markets, language, currency or technical platform. No more unnecessary paper forms. Full insight on each return in real time. From warehouse to customer service. Our modular technology enables a smooth and quick implementation tailored to your needs and technical platform.

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We're on 20 markets

From Zloty to Pounds, German to French or UPS to DHL. We help you offer consumers a localized and personalized return and re-conversion experience while providing you with a scalable, automated and seamless returns-management solution.

Profitable return management tailored to your needs

With Returnado's innovative and modular technology, we adapt the solution to your technical platform, your needs and your consumers.

We are Returnado

Returnados' goal is to transform the hated return into a natural part of the webshopping experience. This while at the same time driving both revenue and profitability to merchants and retailers. We base our service on our properitarian concept "Reverse eCommerce" and "Reconversion". Do you want to be part of our growth journey, or just know more about us?

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